Benoît Fournier


Benoit Fournier was born in 1981 in Carpentras, France. He grew up in the Alps, surrounded by nature. He took up photography when he was 20, with the encouragement of his father, a journalist, who gave him his first camera. With this new passion, Benoît began a life of studying and living abroad. He holds a Master’s degree in International Business Administration, and his studies focused on Latin America. To further his education he lived in Mexico and in Spain, and in 2006 he went to Rio de Janeiro where he decided to settle.  Invaded by nature and man, the Brazilian city is at the heart of his photographic works. He now focuses only on these personal projects. He recently launched two books of photography: City of Bandeira (published by Batel) and Water Memories (published by Andrea Jakobsson). His new book project, Babylon (with Madalena Estudio), journeys between fiction and reality, crossing the favela of Babylonia, in which Benoît has lived since 2013. Benoît’s visual world resounds with his experiences and travels; his work resides in a place between personal and collective memory and explores existential themes and the nature of man. Born of experimentation, of immersion and authentic feelings, his series spotlights to the harmony between the individual and his natural environment. Through the lens of reality and imagination, Benoît’s examination of the individual within the world is at once intimate and profound.

Solo works and shows

2019 | Show [Nipei Yuxii], Edouard de la Marque Gallery, Paris, France.
2018 | Show [Nipei Yuxii], Deutsch Museum G21, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2017 | Show [Babylon], Blue Sky Gallery, USA.
2017 | Show [Percurso], Festival Fotografia International In Cadaqués, Cadaqués, Spain.
2017 | Show [Percurso], Festival Promenades photographiques, Vendôme, France.
2017 | Show [Seres da Floresta], Aniwa Gathering, Ibiza, Spain.
2015 | Show [Water memories], Centro Cultural Casa das Aguas in december, Rio de Janeiro.
2015 | Book [Water memories], published by Andrea Jakobsson, Rio de Janeiro.
2014 | Exhibition Prix Photo Web, [Land of water],  Gallery Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.
2014 | Book The city by Bandeira, published by Batel. Launch 27/02 at the Travessa bookshop in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.
2009 | Festival FotoRio – Exhibition Bossa Rio… Sutilité, curator Marcelo Rocha, Casa de Cultura Méier, Rio de Janeiro.

Collective Works, Shows and Festivals

2018 | [Identity], Aliança Francesa Gallery, [Nipei Yuxii], Rio de Janeiro.
2017 | [Quando o mar virou Rio], National Historical Museum, [Rio Life], Rio de Janeiro.
2017 | Abre Alas 13, Gallery A Gentil Carioca, [Ressurgence], Rio de Janeiro.
2016 | Lá Fora, Casa França-Brasil, [Ressurgence], Rio de Janeiro.
2016 | Body discourses [the vertigo of Rio], Museum MAR, Rio de Janeiro.
2016 | Residence Hanging Garden, [Ressurgence], Favela Babilônia, Rio de Janeiro.
2016 | [Identidade], Red Bull Station, São Paulo.
2015 | Exhibition [Ser Carioca de Luz], Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, series Water Memories, Rio de Janeiro.
2014 | Book [Calçadão do Leme ao Leblon], published by Lingua Geral, series Sub-superficie.
2014 | Exhibition Contest photo Natural History Museum, Jardin des plantes, Paris.
2014 | Black and white 2014 exhibition, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, USA.
2014 | Exhibition [Water 2014], Biodiversity Festival at Museo del Fiume, Nazzano, Italy.
2013 | Exhibition Foto na Rua during the Festival Foto in Pauta in Tiradentes, Brazil.
2012 | Free viewings of photography at the Ateliê da Imagem, Rio de Janeiro.
2012 | Exhibition Exercícios da Paixão with curator Greice Rosa from Espaço 10 Arte, Festival de la luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2016 | Prix ANI Portfolio, Vendôme, France.
2015 | Honorable mention, Portfolio review, FotoRio 2015, Rio de Janeiro.2014 – Contest photo Natural History Museum – ‘prix albums’, Paris.
2014 | 5th place, ‘Water 2014’, photo contest, Italy.
2014 | Honorable mention, Life Framer International photography award, London, UK.
2013 | 1st place, Prix Photo Web prize, sponsored by Aliança Francesa, 2013.

Art Collections

MAR, Museu de Arte do Rio , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Center of Fine Art Photography, Colorado, USA.
Joaquim Paiva, Private Collection, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Geoffrey C. Koslov, Private Collection, Houston, USA.
Museu Histórico Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.