Benoît Fournier


Resurgence is a work on leaves taken from their original location (Babilônia, Rio de Janeiro) and used as a memory device for that place. The residents of the favela appear on them in images created with chlorophyll from local plants. I consider the leaf as unique and ephemeral, similar to the individual who appears on them trough the chlorophyll. The slowness of the process and the fragility of the photographic medium are in sync with the rhythm of life.
Resurgence create a subjective memory of the place and its inhabitants and, poetically, establishes a relationship between people and the nature that surrounds them.

Resurgence Show at Galeria A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, 01 – 03.2017
Resurgence Show at Casa França Brasil, Là Fora, Rio de Janeiro, 01 – 03.2017
Resurgence Show at Morro Babilônia, Jardim Suspensol, Rio de Janeiro, 01 – 03.2017

decompose leaf art work
Jardim Suspenso exposição benoit Fournier